zero tax

Full Taste


Are you fed up from high taxed reward systems?

You need something new ?

Taste the healthiest softdrink on the Binance Smart Chain.

DogeZero is here to revolutionize your trading experience with 0% BUY TAX. Delicious!

A long term community-driven project! Just hold DogeZero to get rewards in $DOGE. The build-in buy-back and burn-mechanism makes DogeZero hyper-deflationary and increases the value of the token.

A Limited NFT collections, the BNB-lottery and merchandise are just the start of our journey.

We want everybody to be part with the coolest cryptodrink on earth. 

Want to learn more about Doge Zero? What is this all about, read our Zeropaper to find out more.


777 unique NFTs




0% buy tax

Yes! Just for the community! Nothing to add!

16% sell tax

16% tax in total on every sell transaction. The tax divides into 3% LP, 8% marketing, 1% buy-back, 3% rewards and 1% developement.

Zero-Nomics Breakdown

3% liquidity

3% of every sell transaction goes into the LP to keep DogeZero healthy.

8% marketing

8% of every sell transaction goes automatically into marketing. The community has the chance to decide marketing.


3% of every sell transaction will be rewarded in Doge Coin. Investors need to hold at least 100.000.000 DogeZero to get rewards.

1% Buy-back

1% of every sell transaction goes into the Buy-Back-Pool.

1% Developement

1% of every sell transaction for upcoming developements.


mentos party

Buy-Back-Feature! When the feature is enabled, we put some Mentos in a DogeZero bottle to boost the chart in a healthy direction. The Party starts with doubled tax and decreases back to the basic tax durning the Party


After every Mentos-Party, the bought token will be burned immediately to increase the price.


Anti-Whale-Measure to prevent fluctuacion in price. A Max-Buy/ Sell ensures a healthy chart.


Total Supply - 1 Trillion DogeZero Token


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3